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Typically, you'll want to plan to fish with three to five baits in the water at a time. Therefore, you are going to need many rod and reel setups to accompany the ratio of bait. The best rod to use is a fifty to eighty pound class rod. You aren't forget your harness and safety straps (you don't are looking to fall overboard and become live bait). In addition, you want to be aware your bait and chum. Running chum is the most positive way to trap a shark so be arranged for a mess onboard. It is crucial to know what species of shark you're wanting to fish. Different sharks swim at various levels and temperatures. In order to set a shark trap, you will need to tie your farthest bait off the bow rail with a flat line clip. Make sure that the line is out of how and stay in the maximum rocket holder on the particular side of the boat from which you are fishing. You should attach your bait, attach a weight or balloon on the line, and plunge it about eighty feet.

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