Arrows for bow fishing are heavier, have larger arrow tips and, the most obvious one, has a string attached to the arrow. And since fish are shot in the water, resistance differs as when compared to shooting in the air (for bow hunting of games)There are various methods or ways of archery fishing. This includes the following:1. Still hunting. A fisherman selects a place by the lake in which he would wait for passing fish to shoot its bow at. 2. Hatches should be closed at all timesThe angler should always keep in mind that it is best to keep the hatches closed while fishing. Water can never seep through the kayak if the hatches are kept closed. 3. Steady fishingWhen the angler is already in the midst of the waters, it is better to have an anchor to keep the kayak steady while on the verge of catching fish. Best of all, before an individual goes out to the waters, it would be better if he let somebody know his whereabouts.

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