Bass fishing; a great sportAs one of the most popular sports, bass fishing attracts a lot of attention both as a hobby and as a profession. There are a number of tournaments organized every year where many people take part not only for the excitement of winning a prize, but also for the money prizes. During this time, if you feel that you are good, you can test your skills against the best talents in the world. This is when you will understand the importance of having top of the line equipment which becomes a total extension of yourself. If you win, not only will you take home a substantial cash prize, but you’ll also feel sure of yourself in the fact that you pitted your skills against the best in the world and came out on top. The Fishing HistoryThe next time you drop a line in the water off the side of a boat equipped with the latest sonar devices, dig into the cooler beside your feet for a favourite beverage and kick your feet up to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing. Fishing is one of the oldest activities known to man. Archaeologists have found ancient dumps of shell and bone, cave paintings depicting fishing and even hooks made from bone. There is even a theory that states we might be closer to the fish we try and catch than we think. The "Aquatic Ape Hypothesis" contends that human beings spent a time living by and catching their food from the shallows of lakes and oceans. The controversial theory contends years of living that helped us to look different from the apes and chimpanzees thought by some to be our ancestors because of this time evolving by water.

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