Baby sitters plop them in front of TV, parents have DVD players in their vehicles and some restaurants even have "family sections" where movies play while kids eat. Our ability to have dinner conversation, count cows on a drive or even talk about the events of the day has diminished. However, fishing is a relational act. It involves teaching (how did you learn to cast? Someone taught you), and talking. It's a good time to share childhood stories with your kids, and make memories of the things you catch and the ones that get away. Far from the noise of the city spend some time together creating a sense of community and common goals. The skills your child will learn from that experience will help them relate to others as time goes on. Fishing Teaches Environmental CareOur kids live in a video world, usually disconnected to physical reality. Fishing will help them connect back to the earth they will someday be in charge of caring for. Whether its hearing a robin's song, or seeing the way squirrels fly from tree to tree or noticing the life in the pond they are fishing in, the good memories of nature can translate into a desire to take care of the world around them. When fishing, kids can see first hand the problems caused by litter, pollution and selfish uses of the earth.

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