In case you don’t know, Kenai is favorably known as one of the best salmon fishing spot since its several spacious rivers and sizable water sheds are large enough to brood several finicky salmons. And its being located near the Atlantic sea makes it a more favorable salmon run. Going for an Atlantic salmon fishing trip? Head out to Kenai. Just book to Alaska Rainbow Lodge and start fishing right out of the doorstep. Alaska Rainbow LodgeContact them at: 1-800-451-6198Website: www. alaskarainbowlodge. comCharters can be wholesome when you aren’t yet the best of anglers. At most, those that drive you to the fishing destinations are competent fishermen that can give you a pointer or two. So why not sign up for those Atlantic salmon fishing trips and do some exciting fishing stuff, ones that guarantee a bite, e. g. like trolling.