When I first approached the fella he was nice and friendly. But when I started probing him about his fishing techniques he quickly shut off. I could tell (from years of dealing with older wiser fishermen) that this guy had a secret about fishing and I had to know it. Well Mike (my fishing buddy) and I had a meeting right there on the pier and decided that we would stay on the pier and watch the guy and try to figure out what he needed such a big reel for. So I made a quick trip back to the condo to inform my parents that we would not be back until late and for them not to wait up for us. After some haggling permission was granted. I loaded up on sandwich meat, bread, crackers, beenie-weenies and sardines for our all night fishing trip. When I returned to the pier about an hour before sunset I was amazed that the guy had yet to put his hook in the water. He had been at the pier almost two hours and had not wet a line. When I approached the guy and inquired about why he was not yet fishing, he replied ".