America's children have been nurtured by a runaway society which has enabled short attention spans, a need for constant stimulation and an inability to sit quietly. Taking kids fishing from an early age can teach them the good feelings that come from being at peace. Concentrating on a bobber or learning to cast can be a life rewarding experience that shows something doesn't have to be beeping, moving or singing to be a worthwhile pursuit. Fishing Teaches RelationshipKids have been entertained by media through every stage of their development. Baby sitters plop them in front of TV, parents have DVD players in their vehicles and some restaurants even have "family sections" where movies play while kids eat. Our ability to have dinner conversation, count cows on a drive or even talk about the events of the day has diminished. However, fishing is a relational act. It involves teaching (how did you learn to cast? Someone taught you), and talking. It's a good time to share childhood stories with your kids, and make memories of the things you catch and the ones that get away. Far from the noise of the city spend some time together creating a sense of community and common goals. The skills your child will learn from that experience will help them relate to others as time goes on.

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