You can compile your own fly fishing calendar with a little time and effort. Just do your homework and keep copious notes. When you see a trend, you’ll know it’s time to fish! Then be sure to help your fellow fishermen as they try to figure out what you already know. They’d do it for you!Fly Fishing ClubsFly fishing clubs are a great place to learn, apply, and share knowledge of a great outdoor sport. Fly fishing clubs are the best "hands on" resource if you are thinking of entering the fly fishing experience. If you want to learn more about casting a fly rod, how to tie fly's, how to make fly rods from blanks, or just have a great outdoor experience, check out a club in your area. If you don’t have a fly fishing club in your area, you might want to access some of the resources available to you on the Internet. There are many places you can go to online where you will find camaraderie, advice, and tips about fly fishing. Fly fishing clubs are often regional in nature. You can usually find a club that caters exclusively to residents of the state of Michigan or Washington. You can also find a fly fishing club that is geared toward beginning fly fishers or one that gives tips and advice about how to tie flies or the best casting techniques to use.

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