There are many e-books available for download. Look for the ones that will fit your needs. If you’re a beginner, you may want a comprehensive guide to all aspects of fly fishing. If you’re more experienced, an update book may be the way to go. When choosing a fly fishing book, look at the author first. Are they qualified to write this book? What experience do they have in the sport? Can they provide you with compelling reasons to take his or her advice? You will get more accurate information from a person who has personal experience to offer. Is the book easy to read? When you are reading a book filled with technical language, it can be overwhelming and it isn’t likely to help you much. The author should define unfamiliar language early on in the book and keep reminding you throughout the text what they are referring to. Don’t opt for long winded tomes of pages akin to War and Peace. They aren’t likely to give you much good advice plus the boredom factor has to come into play. A lot of great information can be packed into a few pages.

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