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Choose a rod appropriate to the environment. Plan For Species Of FishShort, strong rods are best for landing game fish. Stronger and thicker rods should be used for big, aggressive fish. Such fish could break a lighter pole. Select Rod By MaterialCommon styles of fishing rods include bamboo, fiberglass and graphite. Bamboo rods can be a basic, low in cost pole with a line attached, to very expensive handcrafted rods which are used for fly-fishing. Bamboo rods run from $5 up to a whole bunch of dollars for handcrafted fly fishing rods. If you are not planning to do fly-fishing, fiberglass or graphite rods are best. Fiberglass rods are good for novices and youngsters and they are rather priced. They are available many lengths, flexibility characteristics, and require very little maintenance. Many experienced anglers prefer graphite rods, as a result of they are very light-weight and extremely strong.

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