After the child has had enough practice casting you can start to teach them about troubleshooting reels, tangles and other malfunctions. Some children may even learn how to handle these on their own after enough casting practice. It is best your child learns how to troubleshoot on their own before you go fishing otherwise it can be difficult to learn these tasks while actually attempting to fish. Then when it comes time to plan your family fishing vacation make sure it is one that will be enjoyable for the entire family. You can't hope to have a wonderful experience if you don't make sure it is something the entire family can enjoy. So any fishing vacation over a day or two in length should include a few other side trips to keep the children interested. Depending on your location you can consider a hike around the area or taking a drive into town for the day. It is also important that you properly prepare for the trip. Make sure you have packed the appropriate gear for your length of stay and the location. Be sure you bring extra fishing equipment such as poles. Nothing is worse than breaking a pole and having nothing to replace it with.

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