If you fish mostly smaller streams, and are in need of precise, gentler, shorter casts, you will want what's known as a full flex rod. This type of action will also allow you to have a better feel for the fish on your line. As with walleye fishing with spinning reels, a light, sensitive feel will often better land the fish you seek. On larger streams, or if you don't want (or you're budget won't allow you) to have several different rods for different purposes, a mid-flex rod will provide adequate strength to fight tougher fish, or fish landed on tougher conditions. Because it is not a fast action or stiff rod, you will still have some sensitivity on the line, but you can cast farther and more precisely than with a full flex rod. This is the most popular type of fly fishing rod out there. Finally, under heavier wind, on tougher waters, on bigger rivers (or ocean fishing areas), or with tougher, bigger fish, the "fast action" or stiffer rod is the way to go. Fly Fishing EquipmentJust as with any other sport, the equipment you use when fly fishing can be very important. There are various types of equipment that you need when you undertake fly fishing, and be prepared because some of it can get quite expensive!Of course, you’ll need a rod and reel. What type of rod you choose depends on the type of fish you will be angling for. Fly rods are ranked according to their net weight capabilities (nwt).

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