00 pm. Largemouth Bass FishingBass are the most sought out game fish. Its appeal spans cultures, age groups and genders. Bass fishing is the heart of a lot of anglers everywhere. If you look at Nascar and you can see just how popular Bass fishing is among the drives. Bass are so aggressive and have so much agility they can chase down and catch most of their favorite foods. When Bass are feeding they are most easily caught but a Bass fisherman or women can entice a Bass to strike an anglers bait for reasons other than hunger. Bass are predatory by nature and when a bait comes into there world they will strike at it most of the time. If it moves and the Bass can get it into their large mouth its history most times. TECHNIQUES FOR LARGEMOUTH BASS:SPRING:Top Baits: Spinnerbaits,Plastic Worms and Crankbaits. Bass are moving to shallow water for warmer water and spawning and for a good food source.

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