Long distance casts areachieved by tons of practice. The newbie may not get it right on his/her first few triesat casting. However, with the proper guidance from a moreexperienced companion and a lot of time dedicated topractice, the correct way of casting can be achieved. Ideally, 15-30 minutes spent on practicing per day can helpimprove the beginner’s technique. As a word of warning, practicing casting can be a dangerousactivity. That is why beginners are advised to do theirpractice away from the water and away from a lot of people. Fields are ideal spots to do this as there is a large roomto accommodate errors that may prove dangerous in otherwiseconstricted areas. Catch and Release FishingFishing is a sport, but it has become less about survival and more about fun in recent decades. There is an issue of fish becoming depleted and many anglers are now employing the practice of catch and release fishing. Catch and release fishing is a great theory, but many people are doing it incorrectly and as a result many fish are dying. A few steps should be followed when trying to catch and release a fish.

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