Mapping the WaterI can't tell you how many hours I've pored over national forest maps, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) maps, and topographic maps in search of that one stretch of river that most anglers perceive is either too high up or inaccessible. That chore is made easier nowadays since topo maps for any section of the United States are now on CD-ROM. When you see a blue line (a river) flowing through a tight group of brown lines, the river is moving through a canyon. Study closely. Do the lines open up along the way? Do the brown lines go from a straight pattern to a wavy pattern, leaving a greater distance between the contour lines?If so, this could mean the river slows up enough to have some good holding water. Oftentimes, even if the meadow is smallish, the beavers can build some amazing dams. Blue lines can be running through V-shape brown contour lines, and if the lines are fairly close, be assured the water is running swiftly down the mountain. So look for where the V's widen out a bit, where the contour lines are a bit farther apart. That can mean a flatter section. Looking for Lost LakesMany lakes are off the trail, with no established trail leading to them. Look hard at the topo map (or CD-ROM).

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