Charter MelineaIf you want to fish with a much professional crew, then join Charter Melinea. This Aruba fishing charter operates either half day or full day fishing trips on the waters of Aruba. The crew, as mentioned, is highly experienced and they love what they do, so you are guaranteed to have a great time fishing the Aruba waters with them. In these available trips, fishing equipments are already provided, including fishing rods, reels, baits, teasers, ice, refreshments and sandwiches. There are other Aruba fishing charters that operate on the waters of Aruba. Whatever you choose, you will surely enjoy the trip knowing that the Aruba waters give you the opportunity to catch trophies and at the same time you will be fishing with the best crews you’ve encountered. Atlantic Salmon FishingIn the past, fishing for Atlantic salmons was mostly for sustenance. Caught on river runs or on the open sea, these salmons are fished by hundreds. In fact, a number of fishing techniques have evolved to catch these Atlantic salmons as they return to their spawning grounds en masse. Icelandic nomads cut holes on frozen lakes to fish for salmons beneath a layer of ice. Polar bears have learned how to dive and fish for salmons, often displaying superb agility and finesse underwater.

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