In The WinterRivers are great for winter fishing. Try to find slow moving water in the 3 to 9 foot range. A heavier jigs like a 3/8 ounce tipped with pork works good. Deep water can find schools of bass in slow moving water. Jigging can be one of the best bass producing methods if you fish it slow enough. Keep the jig in front of the fish, move it very slow and you'll have good results if there are fish to be caught. Fishing with Live BaitThere are many myths that surround using live bait instead of artificial and most of them are not true. Live bait is still used by many anglers. The one factual part of live bait, which no one can dispute, it that is often messy, and it smells terrible. If you can surmount these two factors, you will be in good shape to try live bait on your next fishing outing. There are some basic principles that should not be ignored when using live bait.

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