Learn casting techniques that permit a low trajectory, such as flipping, pitching, sidearm casting and underhand casting. • Use a quality rod and reel matched to the weight of the lure. Rods with a stiff blank but relatively fast (limber) tip are easier to cast than extremely stiff or uniformly limber rods. • Cast with the wrist, not the arm and shoulder. • Lower the lure a few inches below the rod tip before casting; this gives extra momentum for the cast. • Be sure to "load" the rod tip, causing it to bend backward, on the back-cast, then whip the rod forward smoothly. • Fill the spool of any type reel to within 1/8 inch of the lip of the spool. DO NOT OVERFILL!The Flip-Cast; use your wrist, NOT your arm. • Concentrate on the spot you want to hit, not on what you want to miss. • Use plenty of scent when trying to penetrate thick cover - it acts as a lubricant. • Stick to basic jig colors (black/blue, brown/brown, black/chartreuse).

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