This is the real Mexico complete with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture with beautiful weather that goes along with, and friendly people bringing their warm smiles. Puerto Vallarta is one of the loveliest places you can spot on the globe. It combines a unique ethnic culture with today’s resort facilities, reflected in a variety and inspiring activities and convenient accommodations. Puerto Vallarta’s geographical diversity is represented in its mountains, jungles, waterfalls, rivers and weather is not a hindrance for your fabtastic vacation. They always have a great weather that will not spoil your ultimate vacation in life. As the Puerto Vallarta’s popularity has grown bigger and bigger, more tourist flock in, luckily it does not get crowded in the view of the fact that it is located on the huge Banderas bay (“also known as Bay of Flags”), one of the largest natural bay of Pacific Ocean. Banderas Bay is one of the most excellent locations for sport fishing in the globe. Angler’s from around the world come back every year to find out if they can beat the last year’s big fish that had been caught. It is a brilliant place to find bass fish, mahi-mahi, marlin, tuna, Dorado, rooster tail, and red snapper for the reason that it is a 40- mile-wide bay, with a depth of two miles. Some of the other species that can be caught in the area include Amberjack, Pargo, Snook, Jack Crevalle, Snapper, Grouper, Rainbow Runner, Red Snapper, Rooster Fish, Sierra, Spanish Macarel, Triggerfish, and many more. One of Mexico’s hottest bass fishing lake is known as Agua Milpa, which opened in the fall of 1997.